YMCA Basketball rules

1.Only 3 officials on bench, and only one can stand
2.9u, free throw line 12ft,11u and above, free throw line 15th
3.9u-14u, 4 nine minute periods, and 17u, 4 ten minute periods
4.Half-time 3 minutes
5. No stacking, one warning, then Technical
6.3 seconds in the lane,10u and above.
7.Defense, 9u, No traps,No Full court press(need to be back 6ft from half-court), Double team only in lane and no zone defense
8.Defense 11u and above, regular basketball
9. 9u and up can steal ball
10.2 illegal Defense warnings per half, then technical
11.Free Throws;The shooter may not enter lane till ball hits rim.
12.Clock, runs and allowing stops for Time-Outs,Injuries,Last 2 minutes 2nd and 4th periods. Clocks runs ,11u and up team up by 15 points.
13.Time-Outs, 2 full time-outs per half.
14.No overtime.
15.Substitutions: None for 10u.
16.No Cast